The Dynamics ePlate credit card
The electronic credit card that lets you choose
your rewards with every swipe.

Press a button. Swipe. Get that button's reward.
An in-depth look at how it works Learn about our technology and our incredible rewards.
What is ePlate?
Introducing the world's most technologically advanced credit card. The patented technology inside ePlate allows you to choose which rewards you want to earn with every swipe of the card. Just press one of the two buttons on the card and it actually lights up.
More About Our Technology
ePlate blinking
Step 1: Choose your rewards
Use our online Experience Manager to assign rewards to each of the two buttons on your ePlate. Choose from dozens of rewards and change them as often as you'd like on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

You can also choose which rewards to earn when using your ePlate for online purchases.
Step 2: Press a button
When you're ready to make a purchase, use the buttons on your card to choose which reward you want to earn. Press a button and light up that button's reward.
Step 3: Swipe and earn
Swipe your card and start earning amazing rewards instantly. Get notifications or digital content emailed to you within seconds.
Earn rewards even faster
We are not accepting new applications for the ePlate card at the current time.