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  1. Best Song Ever
  2. Kiss Me Now
  3. That's Why
  4. Nice Girl
  5. Cry Cry Cry
  6. Ain't Gonna Happen
  7. I Will Be
  8. Scream
  9. Ain't So Sweet
  10. Can You Handle It
  11. Leaving Home
  12. I Can't Keep Myself From Loving You
  13. Strong Enough
  14. I Do But Do I
  15. Worth It
  16. Cry Cry Cry (Acoustic)
  17. Best Song Ever (Dance Mix)
  18. Kissin' My Lips (ePlate® Exclusive!)
  1. Jealousy
  2. Gone
  3. Break Yours First
  4. Unseen
  5. Movin On
  6. Trail Of Lies
  7. Bleed
  8. Something Better
  9. The Road Is Calling
  10. Wash Away
  11. Make Me Believe
  12. I Wish I Knew (ePlate® Exclusive!)
Katie Armiger
  1. Make Me Believe
  2. Let Him Go
  3. 17 in Abilene
  4. Hard Road
  5. Just Can't Say Goodbye
  6. Insanity
  7. Now You Do
  8. Still
  9. Love Without Fear
  10. Beautiful You
  11. Love of a Lifetime
  12. Wedding Song (ePlate® Exclusive!)
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